HCG Diet Update: Still Going only a few days left!

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Well, I have yet to do this diet thing as well as I did back in December. Strange, I know… the best month to eat is in the Month of December, Parties, Baking, and Christmas time. But instead of gaining, I lost 26 pounds. Then fast forward to now…. I have lost count of the days. But I think I am on day 24, so would only have 2 days of VLCD left. But I am going to go on until Tuesday or Wednesday. That is the plan atleast. I weighted in at 151.2 this morning, and would REALLY like to be under 150 be the end of this round!
The most exciting thing was the other night, at Mom’s Night Out, at Penn Square Mall, I went shopping at The Buckle and bought a size 29 Jeans! OMG… I could not believe it. So total motivation on keep on going. It is nice to be almost at my goal weight now, before bathing suit season gets here, and might be going to the pool more often this summer! Anyways, that is my big BRAG!

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