HCG Diet Update

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Well, I have been lagging behind on my updates on the diet… you may be thinking. Humm.. did I fall off the wagon, cheat and pig out on some yummy Johnnies number 9 burger, the new Taco Bell 5 layer burrito, a nice large chicken fried chicken salad from Charlestons, or Yummy… sushi? NO NO NO and NO! I am staying strong, and today Saturday morning weight is 162.2 pounds! So I am way motivated today to stay strong, and I am not as hungry as I have been lately. But very moody, cranky and irritated. Which people who know my IRL (in real ife) would be totally shocked at my mood, and yesterday Braddock would look at me and smile and say smile mommy!

Here is what I ate yesterday. 

1 cup of pineapple in the morning.
Oscar Mayer Sliced Chicken
1 egg with 2 egg whites scrambled with green pepper
Apple, cooked in a little bit of water with Truvia and Cinnamon.

This round I have lost over 10 pounds.

Now for today, Satuday. My night is about over, so here is what I ate so far.

1 hard boil egg
Filet (steak)
Grilled Onion

Will probably be eating an apple like last night here in a bit. Also, I drank alot of Tea today. I had a busy day, went car shopping, store, etc.. it was a fun day. Let my little one stay with dad! I will keep you posted on my weight tomorrow!

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  • HCG Diet Plan March 3, 2010, 12:43 pm

    Sounds like you're doing great. Just keep up the good work and eventually the crankiness will pass.

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