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Hi, just thought I would do a quick personal post. Let’s see, what I have been up to? Well, if you have been a reader/follower for awhile, you know my weight loss ups and downs. In 2010, I did do the HCG diet, lost about 50 pounds, then gained all but 20 back. My sister had better results, and kept her weight off better then I did. I lost quite a bit of hair, too. Which is not a bad thing since I have thick curly hair. I got my hair done today, and my hair girl said that my hair is growing back now, and I am not losing any like I was on the diet.

So, what am I doing to stop the weight gain, and get back to losing? I started Weight Watchers. I am loving the new system and eating lots more fruit and veggies (you don’t count those in the new program) so far in 3 weeks I have lost 8 pounds. Best of all I am not restricted to what I can and can’t eat!

On the home front, my boys are busy. For all you out there that have young children, enjoy. When they get older, life becomes more complicated. There is homework, grades, opposite sex drama, social drama and sports. I am trying really hard not to rush my 4 yo years away. Even though I would love for him to be in all day school. But, my new thought is, once they go all day, you can never get those 1/2 days back. So, I am content being a stay at home mom, and enjoying time with him more.

Blogging, I am trying to not get competitive and worry about stats, etc.. I just want to be me. Enjoy my blogging and the opportunities it has given me and help you all save money and donate more in 2011. I am to, getting back on the donating. As a matter of fact that is on my to do list for today. My mom volunteers at the Britvil Food Bank in OKC and I need to get Health and Beauty items to her, along with some of my Tide Samples for them to be able to use at the laundry mat!

I am so Blessed, I am not going to fret the small stuff. I love my Family, have the best Children, and an awesome husband and a great Father to our children. Have a great day.. more deals, giveaways, etc.. to come this year!

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