Update on HCG Weightloss Journey

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Have you been wondering how I am doing? I need to tell ya, the last round I did when hubby did the diet with me, well I ended up gaining 10 pounds during the maintenance phase, you know why? Well because I was a rule breaker, and ate carbs, ice cream, m&m’s and more junk then good for you healthy foods. So.. beware follow phase 3 correctly, like if you gain more then 2 pounds do a “steak day” or no carbs, to get back down to your lowest weight after phase 2. So guess what I had to do, go back on the stinkin’ diet again. Started last week on Monday, back down to 151 pounds which is only 2 pounds away from my phase 2 ending weight from the last round I did. So, you know what I am going to do now when I go on phase 3… yes, follow the rules. Stay away from carbs. I do not want to do this diet again, and would like to maintain a healthy 135. So, I confess to you all so you all can succeed and are in the know of what can happen during this diet!

Oh, and how did my super husband do? Yep, great. He lost 12 pounds on his maintenance phase and continues to maintain his weight and lose a bit as well.

Are you confused about what I am talkin’ about? Read more in my diet journal section. I have links to past posts for ya!

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  • OK Chick June 16, 2010, 5:50 am

    It's hard to be strong and stay away from the "good food". I wish you luck on the next phase. I'm sure you'll follow the rules. Stay strong!

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