Happy New Year Welcome 2011

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Cheers to the new year. Good Bye 2010, you are History! What are your plans for the new year? Any Goals planned.

Here are a few of mine. Well, the ‘ole stand by. Lose Weight. Did pretty well with that last year on the HCG diet, then failed horribly towards the end of 2010 when October hit. (Halloween Candy) then never stopped. So, my new plan is Weight Watchers.

Saving money, well I could say I am going to track my savings/spending but that never seems to work.  So scratch that out as a goal.

Blogging time, I will not get caught up in the Bloggy Drama, Stats, and popularity contests. I will continue to find deals, and have fun blogging. When it becomes a chore, then that defeats my whole purpose of this Bloggy thing.

Organizing, De-Cluttering, and more.. I hope to make this my year to continue to stream line my life.

Donating more definately needs to happen. There are so much in need and I have been blessed by so much.

Be the best mom, wife and child of God that I can be! My son’s are growing up way to fast, before long they will be off to college so I need to take time to enjoy the times ahead.

Cheers to a Wonderful 2011, and a huge Thank You for a fabulous 2010. My family was truely blessed last year!

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