Update: Self Control and Dieting

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Wanted to update you on my diet, I have neglected the writing down all I ate method. But basically, I am noncreative on this diet, and am plain jane, which makes for BORING!

Yesterday… chicken, grapefruit, melba toast, a few small grape tomatos.. (oh my.. that is it!) Tea, coffee and water. My sis said to drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water, so I tried.. NASTY. Disgusting, did not even finish it. This is to be said to jump start diet. Well, don’t know if I am jump started yet, but I am at 160 this morning, yesterday I was around 161.4 ish.. my lowest weight this morning was 159.8 (but I weighted 4 more times and got 160 the rest of the time, so that is what I am counting.

Grand total for this round of HCG 12.8 pounds lost, since Feb. 15, 2010. Not to shabby I suppose. I am telling you all this diet is getting a bit tiresome. But I am only 8 days after today left of this boring part of the diet.

Oh, my gallbladder is not acting up one bit, however still planing on losing that body part on March 25!
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