Update: HCG Diet Day 3 Results

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HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide this is the book I bought when I began the diet in November of 2009. (this is an affiliate link with Amazon)

Today is Day 3 of the VLCD. I weighted in this morning at 167.8 pounds.
It is about 2:00 pm central time and I am feeling a bit cold, and a little ditzy.. I remember feeling like this on the last cycle of the diet I did in December. But the feeling did not last to long.

What I ate today: (Friday)

Chicken Sliced, Oscar Mayer brand 3 oz.

Tea              Steak
Water          Tomato
Apple           strawberries
Green Tea

Background of the diet, is from Dr .Simeons. It is a very strict diet, and lots of science behind it. I did tons of research before I began this diet. Also another thing to note, is you must stay away from all oils and lotions while following his protocol.

I will add to this post, later. So check back. I am going to add tomorrows updates on this post, to save on space on the blog, and hope to be posting deals soon as I find them!

Saturday, Day 4 VLCD ( Day 6 drops)
Weight 166.8

Oh, I am not a Dr. and this post as with all my diet posts are my opinions and my experience.

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