HCG Diet Confession Time

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Well, I have to admit I am a cheater. Had a party at the house on Saturday night, and cheated, then tonight I had a glass of wine! Oh my Oh my. So needless to say, today I weighted in at 154.8, and I hope to weight atleast the same tomorrow. Can’t really plan on a big loss as the glass of wine probably detoured the weight loss. Hubby on the other hand has super will power and is doing great! Losing average a pound a day. I just really need to focus, as I technically only have 5 and 1/2 days left. Surely I can hang on and survive! This is my 3rd round of the diet, and I have yet to do as well as the first round and that round was during December! I have done much better on the planning of what to eat, and I am enjoying turkey burgers with mustard. I had no idea they would be so good. I mixed in a little of Braggs Amino Liquid. Really pretty good stuff, found at Health food stores. So, that is my confession. I hope I have not disappointed you. All I know it is super hard work, especially when you have children!

I guess you all need to hold me accountable. Wish me luck. As I am not going to be a slimmer 145 after this round as I hoped!

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