Welcome 2009, Goodbye 2008 Let’s make it a Great Year!

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Well, now that we are entering a new year, new challenges, new family situations, it is now time to make the best of 2009. Are you making a New Year’s Resolution? I suggest, taking one day at a time. I am going to become a healthier me, not by crazy diets, but a one day at a time approach. I also need to exercise this year, and continue my Bible Study.

As for finances, I am going to find the deals, and make a point to share my knowledge and my deals I find with my readers. I am going to do menu planning, to the best of my unorganized selfs ability, and track my reciepts. Even if I do not take advantage of the deals, I will be sure to share with you what I find.

As for my blog, I hope to make it bigger and better, add giveaways, and help others succeed in whatever their adventure in life should be. Talk about toddlers and teens, that is my life, 3 boys, 1 toddler, 2 teens… and of course my husband who I am sure feels neglected half the time since my younger one is so demanding of my time!

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