Thanksgiving We are Thankful

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What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? We have so much to be thankful for, when I reflect on my blessings. I realize I am so blessed and for that I say thank you!

Here is just a few things I am personally thankful for:

  1. My health and well being
  2. My Spouse who supports my crazy ideas
  3. My children and their good health
  4. My God above and the ability to pray
  5. My parents for being there
  6. My sister’s
  7. Having food, water and shelter (not in that order)
  8. My husbands hard work he puts into his work, so I can stay home with my boys
  9. My friends, online and off line
  10. For the changing seasons, and for the storms of life

Those are my top 10.. (not in a particular order) I am sure I have much more te Thankful for this season. Make sure to reflect this season, and realize it is not the stuff around us and to enjoy one another this season and the little things in life. What are you thankful for?

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