Week 3 on this Saving’s Challenge Update

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Well okay, week 3. I have already spent more money then I did last week! OMGosh… Here is the run down.

Yes, we go to fast food more than I realized… This was Sunday.

What I am learning, as this challenge progresses I am learning that I go out and get fast food more than I realized. I also see that spending money is almost a daily event. I am greatful to my husband that works hard so that I have the money to spend, and he never questions my spending. Accountability, this blog is making me become accountable to my daily habits, and showing my children that we cannot always go out and buy things we want, even if we have the money to do so.

Taco Bell $2.57 lunch… I was hungry.
Sonic $3.14 Kids were starving after laser quest… got 2 corn dogs and 2 drinks… they were 1/2 price!
Laser Quest $10
Walmart $54.07
Tuesday Morning $55.00
Mirror for bathroom

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