It is Saturday… so here is the story for Friday.

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Okay Friday was super busy, it was Braxton’s big 16! So off to the DPS, (Department of Public Safety) to get the learners permit. So we get there… and guess what we do not have his school letter, and are number 20 in line, so off we go back to the school to get the letter, with 2 year old in tow. So we get the letter and then run, drive really, to DPS. So we have 3 people ahead of us, great… well it took another 30 minutes. By this time Braddock was cranky, no nap… so Braxton finally got to take the test and he passed and only missed one.

Now for the spending… I went to get the drivers license at the tag agency. Then realized I used cash at Cici’s $10.75, which left me little cash. So the tag agency does not take Credit/ Debit cards and I have no check book! So I am digging for cash to come up with $25.50.

Thank goodness I had gone to the store that morning after workout, and spent $40.00 at Crest. Because I had a handfull of kiddos coming over for Braxton’s B’day and needed stuff for Chilli.

I also spent $10.89 braum’s.

Overall today (Friday) was a huge spending day… need more cash for next week! LOL…

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  • Lea

    Thanks for sending me your info! I told Angela that someone needs to call Oprah about you. I’m going shopping tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  • The Consumer Queen

    Lea you are right go get all your friends to call Oprah on Shannon LOL!!!
    Hey Shannon,

    Well it looks like you survived LOL!! Ryan’s party went well, it was so crazy as there were a group of teenagers there as well so they battled against the little kids. I’m not sure if they liked that to much I think they were scared of them lol. Ryan had a blast and Daniel’s parents came and they were a big help. Daniels dad even went in and played a game at lasre quest with them.