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Get a Free SmartHours Thermostat installed by March 30, 2014 and get a Home Energy Efficiency Kit ($50 value) for FREE. This kit includes, Caulk, Weather Stripping, Foam inserts, LED lightbulbs, these lightbulbs last longer and save energy. If you call now to have enroll in SmartHours, you will not have to wait as long to get an appointment. The closer we get to summer, the longer the wait.

This summer will be my 3rd summer on SmartHours. It truly has saved my family hundreds of dollars. I would much rather spend money this summer having fun with the kids, then paying high prices for electric bills! The hours between 2pm and 7 pm are the “peak hours” and the price per Kwh will vary during those times ONLY Monday – Friday. Holidays are treated like the weekend, and there no price variance, so use all the electricity you need. Now, you might be asking, well I will just follow this plan without signing up. This will not help you save money, as you need to be within the plan. Last year the Kwh price was 4.5 cents per Kwh used during off peak hours. Regular customers, I believe is around 9.5 cents or higher at the lowest rate.

The SmartHours thermostat is very easy to use. It has also probably saved me a ton of money this winter, as we keep our house pretty chilly when we are away from home. No since in heating a home when nobody is here! Want to learn more, read my other post about OG&E SmartHours post!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, from the OG&E Blogger Outreach Program, however all my opinions and experience authentic to my families experience using OG&E SmartHours.

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