MOM Talk: Preschool Confereces TODAY!

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The time has come for the first ever parent teacher conference with Ms. C and Ms. A, to discuss “Batty” (because he likes batman). I have to admit, I am a bit nervous. I am pre-writing this part right now, because, well I can. When I get home, I will let you know the outcome!

Why would I be a bit nervous, well… no need to explain. Batty lives in a house full of Testosterone, in full effect. Two teenage brothers, that adore Batty, and antagonize him when they are home most days. Then there is father that adores Batty, and thinks he can do no harm. (Therefore, it is nice to have them all away from home ,at work, at school, and at sports, the less time around the better, unless I need a babysitter!) My nephew is over on the weekends, he is 8.. and his dad well he is living with us at the moment. So, yes I do have to many boys in the house! This is why I am a bit nervous.

I am now back, it was a great visit from the teachers. Always positive, upbeat, and you can truely tell that they love those children. Mine had a great report, however realize we need to be talking about our colors, numbers and letters a little more often. But, he is a young one, and I just really need him to learn how to get along with other children his own age. I am thankful he is in a wonderful program that is child centered and developmentally appropriate.

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