It’s Officially Back to School Tomorrow

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Thinking here, well I guess you can call it thinking. Tomorrow, I am officially a mom of 2 high school students. Earlier this summer, during Prairie League Baseball, when my son first started activities at his High School, that does not count so much. But tomorrow, when Brax and Blake are at school, I will officially be home alone ALL Day, with a sweet 4 year old. (atleast until he begins school next week) I would be totally balling right now if my youngest was going to be in high school, but lucky for me, 4 years ago Blakers became a middle child. Then we have Braxton who has the oldest child syndrome. He has pretty much been on his own this summer, since he worked his tail off everyday. So, I am sure he is ready for the school days to begin. Braddock is definately the Baby, he has everyone wrapped around his finger!

As I reflect on the past years, buying the boys new clothes, lunch box, backpacks, etc.. taking pictures by the tree and more it makes me a bit sad. Brax will be driving himself to school, I will be taking Blake (goes to diff school, we like to be difficult!) Braddock will be going to afternoon Pre-K which will be way awesome btw.. (starts next week though)

So off to High School they go… and pre-k… all I can think is oh my.. 14 more years of school for one, and only a few years for the others. Life is good, I love my boys. 

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