HCG Diet Journey Has Begun

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Diet Journey, are you ready for an update? Here is my latest and greatest. So on technically days 1 and 2 ( Saturday and Sunday) Days I can eat anything and everything, which believe me , I did! Because from experience I know this diet is not smooth sailing and is tricky, and hard. That is why I decided to drag hubby on this adventure with me, we can help eachother succeed. So, all that eating on those “Load” days, made me gain 2.4 pounds or so! Here is what I have encountered in my eating so far.

Day 3 Start VLCD:
Morning weight in 165.4lbs (lowest weight last week was 162.8lbs)

Hard Boiled Egg

Filet (3.5 oz)
4 pc Asparagus
Lot of Tea and water

Day 4 VLCD:
Morning weight (162 lbs)lost 3.4 pounds!

Coffee w/ 1 tablespoon of milk and Truvia

Chicken (3.5 oz) grilled the night before (I am planning this time!)
Cucumbers in vinegar

Filet (3.5 oz)
Letuce w/ balsalmic vinegar (wishbone dressing spritz)

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My hubby lost 4 pounds from yesterday to today. We will see how he does tomorrow.

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  • Karen April 20, 2010, 9:48 pm

    I broke out in hives last time but I am thinking about trying this again since it may have been the baby oil not the HCG. Will try between Spring and Summer classes and during summer classes since all online! NO needing quick food while running to school!

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