The Limited: $15 off $15 Purchase Coupon

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Can’t be used for accessories or clearance
. You still might be able to find some good deals anyhow,
last time this coupon was out the cheapest clothing items were around $30.
But hey, 1/2 off is still fun!
Coupons expiration date is 2/3/10.
Happy Shopping!

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  • Catherine January 21, 2010, 12:34 pm

    I know you're away this week, so I was going to leave this on simplesavingsavvy. But I can't post a comment since I don't have the right account. Anyway! Just got back from the 33rd and Brdway Homeland, and the cashier told me that corporate is getting really picky about multiple transactions. Too many people abusing the system. So they're supposed to be hard-line on the "only one like item per DAY" thing. Obviously, you can buy more than one of each item, and even use multiple coupons, but only 1 is supposed to double that day. It makes me feel kind of bad for the cashiers, because they have to be the "heavys" on this. She went ahead and let me do the multiple trans. But I was only doing 2 trans., and only with one type of coupon. I also wondered if it was just that cashier, and if I'd have better luck at another store. Dunno. But there's the heads up.

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