Target: NEW Printable Grocery Coupon Policy

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The day of printing thousands of Target grocery coupons is NOW over! Here is what I know from experience. So, here is my story.

I was driving by Target, and thought, hum. wonder if I can print grocery store coupons from the kiosk, since Target has changed their coupon site, to a downloadable coupon printer, etc.. thingy. So, I popped into Target, and went to the kiosk, to print my coupons, and guess what, the site would not even load and show me the coupons! Target Coupon Policy (click highlighted words to read)

So, I asked the nice young man about it, and he said I just printed coupons the other day. I said, well sir, did you know the coupons site has changed. He answers “no”. We try, no luck, and no printing my coupons. Because I really wanted the DelMonte Veggie Coupon to pair with my $1/8 manufacter coupon. No Luck.. No Printing, got manager. So, I got to explain to her what was going on. She did not know of the change in coupons, weird.. I know. So, I nicely explained to her about the site changing etc..

Fast Forward: Back home, no printed Target Grocery Coupons from the store, home again to see if my Lap Top, Vista software, would let me download the coupon printer….(I disabled my virus software for a few minutes, I read that if you do so the coupons may print, etc..)

Ta Daaa.. the coupons printed. Yippee… buy wait, there is a sad part. I only got to print 2 like coupons. Boo Hoo.. I know. The 3 rd one printed said already printed the household limit. Now that is a sad day in Target Coupon Land. Hope this helps, and spread the word!

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