Monday Mission: Toys R’ Us Games

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Today, I hopped in my car and headed out to Walgreens, Toys r’ Us, and the Mall. I went to Walgreens first, as it always seems to take eternity while I am in there. I did not do so great, but I guess it was okay successful. Minus the problem with Robitussin to Go for $2.49 did not generate RR’s. So here is the deal:

Then Off to Toy’s R’ Us. I bought 7 games, getting picked over, so act fast if you have not been there yet! Read post HERE, for other details.

Basically here is the deal:

Buy 7 $3.99 games (different ones if you want $2 rebate for each)

Total after Tax: $30.56

Get $10 for Toys R’ Us Gift Card to be used (Registers prompt for Gift Card after $25 in Hasbro Games have been reached. (6 hours later, is what sign’s say)

Now, you can turn in the Rebate. $2 x 7= $14.

So subtract $30.56 -$10-$14= Total Price $6.56/7 = ?

Oh, who said you aren’t going to be doing word problems with math when you are all grown up! LOL

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