It is Official… Summer is HERE!

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No School, Lots of Baseball and tons of Pool time. That is what summer is made of, right? So far, 2 Baseball games.. Lost both.  Tomorrow we will have another game, or 2… then possibly another on Monday. Happy Memorial Day to me.. but when you love Baseball you really can’t complain. Oh, and tomorrow is Happy Birthday to Husband. We will be celebrating his Bday bash hopefully pool side at my parents on Monday.

Oh and I was lucky today, and got to make phone calls to my hubby’s customers to let them know he would be with them this week to check out their roof! It was nice to hear all the sweet things they said about him. Makes me a proud wife. So, his job is definately a family affair. His brother is working there, my son, my mother, my sister, and I guess me.. Oh, and I can’t leave out my dad, well that is a given as he is the owner!

This week, Braddock gets to go to summer school,he is already to hit the playtime with his friends at school. I will enjoy the 4 hour break, 2 times a week for the next 2 months. All I can say is yippee for that.

As for shopping, have refrained from doing much shopping. I do need to hit Homeland, I hope they have some good stuff left!  It is hard to refrain from grocery shopping and just to think I used to loathe it!  I am still trying to clean out the fridge and freezer stash. Plus, not much cooking at dinner since hubby is home late and running to and from Baseball, we are eating a bunch of junk.

Have a great Memorial Weekend, be safe. Chat with ya soon…

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