I Am Back and Ready for Back to School!

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Back from my vacation, had a great time. Crashed my laptop, and lost my camera along the way, but we are back all safe and sound with no Mexico Side Effects except a 5 pound Weight gain!

So, Now it is time to get organized, and ship these kiddos off to school. In Oklahoma we send our kids back to school in the Hottest month of the year, mid-August. Pretty early in my opinion but I am always ready for them to head back. Now my life will consist of Football, and t-ball. Even though I have always said, I will not put my child in organized sports at a young age. We started my middle boy when he was 3 1/2. We waited until 4 1/2 for this last boy. Am I crazy…?

Are you ready for the kids to go back to school? I am for many reasons, but I will miss them being at home. Can you believe I have 2 high schoolers this year, and one that is not even in Elementary School yet! Sigh.. luckily he is accepted back at his preschool.

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