Great Salt Plains Interesting Adventure

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So we all hop in the SUV, water, snacks, movies, and more for our big adventure to The Great Salt Plains.I made sure to grab my friend and her kids for this roadtrip and off we went. On our way, “I have to go to the bathroom” was heard, and guess what, there was a Dairy Queen in sight, and so we had a quick bathroom break and got us some DQ Blizzards. According to the DQ sight earlier in the week, there was only one DQ in Oklahoma, well come to find out there are quite a few. So all you DQ fans, can head up I- 35 North near Ponca City and you will find a DQ.

So hop back in and encounter the first mistake… setting Onstar Navigation to The Great Salt Plains park. This took us to the lake, not the crystal digging adventure. With a little help of a park Ranger, we were on our way, only to get a little turned around yet again in the middle of dirt roads, corn fields and some wheat fields. Only a few comment heard from the back seat, “Are we lost?” and “Are we there yet?” but over all we had a patient bunch of kids. I was beginning to think we were in the movie “Twister”. I had to take a glimpse of the Oklahoma Sky to make sure there were no storm cloud’s, as today’s adventure did not have chasing tornadoes in the plan. The Teen Boys even behaved themselves for the most part, and when we got to the Salt Plains, they were the first to run out and begin digging.

So, when we get there to the Salt Plains, I do have to say it was very eerie. We were 1 of 3 vehicles on the premises. No lake to hang out by, like I thought. Just diggin’ em holes. That is what I felt like, digging those holes.
Here are some helpful hints:

  1. Bring lots of water jugs for the digging, no place to refill them with new water, so bring LOTS!
  2. Sunglasses, you know how bright snow is? Well imagine acres full of salt!
  3. Sunscreen, unless you are wanting some serious sunburns
  4. Digging tools, like a large garden shovel and some small spades shovels
  5. Lots of patience, I did not find crystals in my first holes I dug.
  6. Clean clothes for when you are done, a bucket to rinse off your shoes when done, the salt will be everywhere!
  7. Look/ Feel the side walls of the holes when dug to see if you can feel or see crystals. Some of them will be in clumps and are actually pretty cool.
  8. Follow highway 64 west, until you see a sign saying Crystal Digging turn and then follow dirt road 3 miles, then turn and go one more mile to digging site. Just a simple hint.

I think that is all I can come up with.. If you decide to go to Jet, Oklahoma have fun and be prepared for an adventure!

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  • Tamara Walker aka MomRN July 2, 2010, 9:01 pm

    Sounds like you all had a great time! I miss DQ so it is good to know a few are still around.
    I wonder if the park ranger you talked to is Dustin's cousin's husband, Ben. He has been there a few years. We tried going once but only got to look, not dig, because it was closed for a while. Glad they re-opened it!

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