Gillette Fusion Razor FREE by Mail

by Shannon on April 21, 2009 · 3 comments

Here is the deal, from 4/16 through 5/16, Gillette Fusion Razors is giving 500 razors every day for a month! Even better deal, there is a New York Yankees Code
D48R4, that could be used to score a free razor that way, where it says, have a Yankees code, enter here.

Note, if that code is all used up, then wait till the next yankees game (not sure if it has to be home or not) while they are playing, send a text with the word gillette to 56418, and the new code for that game will be sent to you!

The yankee code ones are good for the first 1000 per code. Which is an easier way to get the razor, then the first 500 for the day! Good Luck! Here is the link to the website, CLICK HERE.

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  • Jessica Priddy

    Hey Shannon, I just went and entered the code you gave and BAM!!! I won!!!
    I have tried for the last several days and I am always to late.
    It says one razor per person.
    I tried my husband as well and it said he won too.
    I wonder if they will send two or realize that we live at the same address???
    Thanks so much!!!
    Totally cool!!!


  • Shannon "Coupon Princess"

    Yeah, I am glad it all worked out! Thanks for letting me know. I love comments.


  • Teresa

    For the last few days I’ve been trying to access the Gillettee site using differnet links. No matter what I do, I get a black screen. I’m not having problems with any other site. Wonder what it could be. Thanks for the link anyway.


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