April Fools Day Memories

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Some of the best things happen on April Fools day, a day beyond practical jokes along the lines, there is a spider on your head.. April Fools. LOL.

Today would have been a day at Shogun’s with my whole extended family as we would celebrate at 2 huge party tables with a live cooking show done by the best chef’s in town, serving fresh cooked chicken from my Papa’s Chicken Plant, Country Squire in OKC. But we will not be going there to celebrate my Papa’s birthday as he is no longer with us. I always remember his Birthday there and all the fun memories we shared as a family an extended family that others thought was so odd that we were so close.

Well time moves on, and we don’t all get together as we should. We all grow old, families expand, there is new births, new marriages, and life does move on. The above picture was taken at one of the celebrations at Shogun’s it is not the best picture, but it is of my late papa, the wonderful man that always loved his oldest granddaughter (me) the one that will never know my littlest boy, who I know he would have adored.

On the funnier side of memories, well today is the day my husband Jeremy, started working for my dads roofing company, in 1993. He is still there today, I would have never known this was his start date, but he likes to remind me of his workiversery. Which by the way, he has not reminded me about this yet today. I wonder if he will? So, jokes on him as he is still working there today. Working hard I might add, in order for me to raise our 3 boys. Have a great April Fools Day, and don’t be fooled by those ole’ tricks.

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