Halloween, what to do with all that candy!

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Here is a great tip on what to do with the abundance of candy your children get for Halloween.

1. Trade your children’s candy for Change you have in your change jar.

2. Trade your children’s candy for Toys.

3. Make cookies, brownies, or other snacks with the candy.

4. Take your candy to work, put it in a candy dish at your desk!

Oh, when I was in college, yes college at age 28, I took kids candy to class and we passed it around before class for a snack. The other college students, you know the ones that are 18-22, really liked that! LOL…

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  • Natalie Hudkins

    One more idea… Donate it to your kid’s teachers. Teachers usually have to buy treats/rewards with their own money and they like to be able to pass out treats now and again!