Cold Day Ice Day then Snow Day

by Shannon on January 29, 2010

Boy were out of school at the beginning of the month for a it is to cold to go to school day. Weird, I know. It was in the single digits, so the schools canceled. Then on Thursday, before the ice even started to fall the schools in the area were closing, and the temps were 65 degrees. So warm, me and the little one went to the park, with no coats on.

So, today… I woke up to the snow day. Little one, thinks it is Christmas, because that is when we experienced the OK Blizzard of 2009. I would love to hear all the drama on the weather, but we are watching Oswald, instead. Very odd show, I may say.

Husband is even home which is nice, since he has been away. Once with just me, and then again for work. If you call it work. Now, to stay warm and cozy and hope to continue to have power. My mom just called, and said her power is off. Then I looked on twitter, @OGandE, and someone tweeted about a powerline down near her neighborhood!

What makes me smile, is everyday is a “Snow” day at  my house. He he..
Everyone stay safe and warm. Picture above is my son’s in the snow on Christmas.

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Bonnie January 29, 2010 at 10:45 pm

Sounds like a fun day! We are in OK too and loved watching snow fall today. We were happy to keep power also. I hope we can get out and play tomorrow. We have 6-7 inches at least.



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